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First4InjuryClaims celebrates faster settlements and £2m compensation milestone

First4InjuryClaims, a law firm founded to assist victims of road traffic accidents, has been settling cases more than three months faster than the market average, according to recent reports. The law firm, which handles almost equal volumes of tariff-only and mixed injury claims, is currently resolving cases, on average, over 100 days faster than the 238-day average settlement time those using the UK government’s Official Injury Claim (OIC) portal face. First4InjuryClaims was established in 2021 to handle all RTA enquiries coming through the First4Lawyers group, despite the group ceasing marketing activity in this area. It has now recovered more than £2 million in compensation for injured clients in its first 18 months of trading.

Andrew Wild, head of legal at First4InjuryClaims, believes that the unique timing of the firm’s launch enabled it to avoid many of the problems its competitors and predecessors faced. “First4InjuryClaims was something of a blank canvas for us because it was set up in response to the Civil Liability Act,” he said. “While other firms struggled to adapt and find a profitable way of doing the same work with much tighter margins, we were able to model our business plan around the reforms and dovetail the systems and processes we use with those of the OIC, which is often easier than having to instigate change.”

Wild added that First4InjuryClaims has utilized technology to support the claims process while ensuring the highest levels of client care. At the core of the firm’s proposition is its people and the positive culture and values throughout the team, he said. “I think we can all agree that the portal was not ready to go live when it did but, almost two years on, with 90% of claimants still instructing a lawyer for their OIC claim, the need for firms like ours is now greater than ever.”

Research from First4Lawyers has revealed that at least a quarter of law firms that had handled lower-value RTA work before the whiplash reforms had quit that corner of the market, with more set to follow. However, First4InjuryClaims, which also deals with higher value RTA claims that fall outside the portal, has continued to grow its team to meet demand.

Qamar Anwar, group managing director at First4Lawyers, stated: “I’m delighted that we are bucking the trend and in doing so helping injured clients who may otherwise struggle to access the support they need following a road traffic accident. That’s what we set First4InjuryClaims up for. We remain committed to ensuring that consumers have access to the support required to navigate their claim following a road traffic accident while ensuring that our panel firms have the knowledge that we continue to generate non-RTA leads for the benefit of our marketing collective.”

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